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Orions: Legend of Wizards Released

Exploring a CityAnother Windows Mobile port, Orions: Legend of Wizards, was released unto the App Store on Dec 9. OLoW, developed by MoreGames Entertainment, is a card game (described by reviewers as being similar to Magic the Gathering) mixed with elements of exploration. Your goal is to explore the Orions, or connected islands, and defeat all the the Orion Lords. The world you explore along with the decks your enemies use are randomly generated, so even if you play the campaign mode multiple times it will always be different. Orions also features 75 different cards and 66 buildings of 6 different types.

The best part is that while it originally retailed for $20 on Windows Mobile, iPhone gamers can pick it up for only 10% of that price ($2) during the introductory period.

*If you plan on downloading it through your phone make sure you have an available Wi-Fi connection, because it’s the only way you can download the 16 MB game.

Interview with Paul Farley from TAG Games

TAG Games, Paul Farley, iPhone, iPod Touch, Car JAck StreetsIn August we interviewed Paul Farley from TAG Games about their upcoming iPhone-game Astro Ranch. Last week TAG Games announced Car Jack Streets for the iPhone and iPod Touch and we immediately had some questions that we wanted to ask the developers team of the game. In this interview you’ll learn more about the controls and possible multiplayer mode of Car Jack Streets. Read the rest of this entry »

Dizzy Bee 2 coming out soon

Dizzy Bee 2, iPhone, iPod Touch, Igloo GamesIgloo Games has announced that it has submitted Dizzy Bee 2 for iPhone and iPod Touch to the App Store. The game is expected to come out on or around December 11th and it will cost $2.99 for just one week. In Dizzy Bee 2 you help your Fruit Friends to make their way through grinding gears, around sticky webs and past wild turrets. In this new adventure you have power ups to help you on your adventure on the two oceans and eight islands in the game. Here’s a list of features in Dizzy Bee 2:

  • Tons of new enemies.
  • More Fruit Friends.
  • Difficulty levels: Choose “Easy” and “Normal”
  • Nearly 90 levels including Easy variations and Bonus Stages.
  • Finer control. You can hold your iPod Touch/iPhone flat to move enemies and good guys with more precision. (No more “too flat” warnings!)
  • Power ups! Finally the good guys strike back.
  • New bonus level rules!
  • Additional time bonus scoring. Beat levels faster if you’d like some extra points.
  • Auto sleep function has been greatly improved.

Hero of Sparta now available in App Store

Hero of Sparta, Gameloft, iPhone, iPod TouchTwo days ago Gameloft released a new video of Hero of Sparta, and today they released the game in the App Store. The game is available for iPhone and iPod Touch and uses the touch-screen of both systems to move your hero with the virtual analogue stick and to unleash his power by performing combos on the screen. Use your sword, axe, bow or twin blades to get rid of the enemies that guard the 8 levels of this full 3D game. The game contains mythical creatures like Cerberus, the Cyclops and many other foes. Get Hero of Sparta now for $9.99 in the App Store.

Rolando in new gameplay video

Today Ngmoco released a new gameplay video of Rolando, an upcoming iPhone and iPod Touch game. Along with the new video Ngmoco released some info on new features. Rolando can do a lot more than we thought, he can bounce on trampolines, push blocks and nudge bombs. There’s a ton of other cool new features, check out the list below.

  • Interactive Environments: Manipulate more than a dozen gizmos, including lifts, catapults and bomb dispensers
  • Fun with Physics: Rolandos can bounce on trampolines, push blocks and nudge bombs and sleeping Rolandos
  • Rich, Intuitive Controls: Use Tilt and Multi-touch to guide the Rolandos and manipulate their world
  • Signature Art Style: Visuals by pop-culture illustrator Mikko Walamies and music by renowned break-beat artist Mr. Scruff
  • iSave and iTunes compatible: Progress is saved and restored automatically when play is stopped or interrupted
  • Global Leader Boards: Compare scores and Achievements with other players online
    Epic Adventure: Four unique worlds and 36 engaging levels

Star Wars: Force Unleashed and Kroll dropped in price

iPhone, iPod Touch, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Krol

Today two mediocre iPhone and iPod Touch games were dropped in price. First up is Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, this game droped from $9.99 to $7.99. The controls in this game were pretty limited, and the gameplay is pretty short. Second game is Kroll, this title dropped from $7.99 to $4.99. It’s a beautiful game, but the gameplay is just a little too simple to keep you entertained long enough.

EA Mobile’s Spore: Origins now for $7.99

When Spore: Origins for iPod Touch and iPhone launched, you had to pay $9.99 to get this EA Mobile game to your Apple device. Today EA Mobile has dropped the price of its game to just $7.99. In Spore: Origins, developed by the creator of The Sims, you play as a single-celled organism that needs to eat small pieces of DNA to avoid predators from eating you.

Source IT Software releasing Zombie Mansion this November

Zombie Mansion, Source IT Software, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPhone 3GSource IT Software has released details and screenshots of its upcoming game Zombie Mansion for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Zombie Mansion is a first person shooter title that uses the accelerometer for controlling your character in the game. Zombie Mansion will come out in November in the App Store. There are a few nice screenshots of Zombie Mansion waiting behind the break. Read the rest of this entry »

GTA: Chinatown Wars in development for iPhone?

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, iPhone, iPod Touch, Rockstar Games, iPhone 3GAccording to Mike Hickey, an analyst working for Janco Partners, Rockstar Games is working on Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars for the iPhone and iPod touch. The game is currently in development for the Nintendo DS and is expected to come out this fall.

“We expect GTA will likely be ported to Apple’s iPhone platform, leveraging the device’s touch screen technology and accelerometer. Apple’s determination to layer gaming applications into the device’s consumer value proposition and growing installed base is likely sufficient motivation for a deal,” he said in his most recent report.

Missile Command gets a spot in App Store

Missile Command, Atari, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPhone 3GToday Atari has released the classic Missile Command for iPhone and iPod Touch. In this game you defend cities and your missile stations from being nuked. The game features multi-touch features that allow you to launch multiple missiles simultaneously. The game features a multiplayer mode and the option to play the music you like. Missile Command is now availabe for $4.99 in the App Store.