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Rock’n’Roll rocks out in cool video

Tag Games has just released a first video of its new puzzle/action game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Rock’n’Roll looks a lot like an extremely colorful version of LocoRoco for Sony’s PlayStation Portable. You simply tilt the iPhone to guide your character through the maze. The story behind Rock’n’Roll is a familiar concoction of friendship, music, kidnapping and blown fuses! You play as ‘Roll’, a rather well rounded character, who must enter the spinning mazes of Flint Island in an effort to recover the Evil Sky Spirits musical notes and save his best friend ‘Roll’ from imprisonment. Check out this posts for Rock’n’Roll screenshots!

Star Wars: Force Unleashed has joined the dark side

iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPod Touch, Star Wars: Force Unleahsed, THQ WirelessSince today THQ Mobile’s Star Wars: Force Unleashed is available in the App Store for $9.99. The game has a high price, but the it’s a great looking game with a lot of content.You’re the Darth Vader’s Secret Apprentice who had the honor to be trained by the menacing Sith Lord. You’re hunting on the last of the Jedi with Fource Powers including Lightning, Grip, Jedi Mind Trick and many others. Just by tapping, touching, and swiping on the screen you control your character. THQ Wireless Inc released a batch of screens of the game, you can check them out after the break. Read the rest of this entry »

Multi-touching action in Twisted Bugs

fern Lightning is currently working hard on its iPhone and iPod Touch game Twisted Bugs, a game that will keep both of your hands busy trying to splat bugs in this multi-touch finger twisting game. A group of bugs has taken over your screen and you have just 60 seconds to squeeze them all. And to make it all a little harder you need to tap bugs of the same color or you’ll lose valuable points.

Chopper drops to $4.99

Chopper, a game that’s doing extremel well, was just dropped in price from $7.99 to just $4.99. This title from Majic Jungle Software’s David Framptom is one of the most successful games out there. Chopper is a very nice looking 3D game that uses the touch controls and the accelerometer of the iPhone.

Pricedrop for Blue Skies Air Force Academy

Blue Skies Air Force Academy has been available for three days and already Egerter Software has dropped this top-down helicopter shooter in price. The game launched for $9.99 and now it costs just $5.99. There’s also an update coming that will add better graphics to the leveldesign.

Update for Toy Bot Diaries: Entry 1

Interviews, IUGO, Re-Volt, Sarah Thomson, Shaky Summit, Toy Bot Diaries Entry 1Today Toy Bot Diaries, available in the App Store for $3.99, was updated to version 1.1. And as was announced earlier in our interview with Sarah Thompson from IUGO, a demo for Toy Bot Diaries: Entry 1 is coming. This first update for Toy Bot Diaries has some bug fixes, optimized performance, enhanced controls and an improved tutorial level. Read the rest of this entry »

Sunflat Games developing a bunch of iPhone games

PapiPole for iPhone

Sunflat GAMES has released a list of upcoming iPhone and iPod Touch games currently in development in their studios. The main character in all of these games is Mr. Papi known from the free app PapiJump available since August. Papi will appear in four upcoming games:

  • Flying PapiJump: Mr. Papi was starving so he’s looking for hamburgers in a cave full with action and jumping.
  • PapiJump Land: Again, Mr. Papi was hungry and went to Hamburger Land to get his hamburgers.
  • PapiPole: Mr. Papi finds himself on a stick and you control the stick by using the touch-screen. It’s time to feed Mr. Papi so give him the hamburger!
  • PapiJump Plus: PapiJump finds himself in a variety of levels such as ‘Fall’ in which platforms fall when he jumps on them and Right, in which Mr. Papi is going towards the right!
  • But if you feel like you’ve had enough of Mr. Papi and his hamburgers, then there’s two other games from Sunflat with now Papi or burgers. 3D TiltCave is an action game in which you tilt your iPhone not to collide with the wall of the cave. In Break Down you break all blocks with balls by sliding your finger on the iPhone to contorl the racket and knock the balls back.

Cybersaurus 3D taking over the planet and App Store

Cybersaurus 3D, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPhone 3G, Darxun GamesThis is the year 2513 and our planet is being taken over by giant robot dinosaurs. You play as a robosaur yourself, you’re the Raptor9000 and your mission is to destroy all of your enemies before they take control of the whole planet and destroy humanity. Cybersaurus 3D wouldn’t be Cybersaurus 3D if it didn’t have fancy 3D graphics, but this game from Darxun Games has more to offer. Not only is it a full 3D-game, it contains 6 planets with 11 maps in total. Cybersaurus 3D is now available for $6.99 in the App Store. Read the rest of this entry »

Blue Skies 2D scroller looks very cool

Blue Skies Air Force Academy, Rocking Pocket Games, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPhone 3GRocking Pocket Games, a new developer for the iPhone, has released three videos of their upcoming game Blue Skies Air Force Academy. You join the elite Blue Skies Helicopter team and defend your country against an evil leader called Hans Kraven and his mercenaries Rachel, Takeshi and Bruno. This top down 2D scroller uses the acceloremeter to steer you through the 30 levels full of helicopters, tanks, planes, blimps and mines. Blue Skies will cost $9.99 and should be available soon. Read the rest of this entry »

Fun with pins in iVoodoo for iPhone

iVoodoo, iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPod Touch, oeFunVoodoo is a common theme for a scary movie, but now this Haitian spirtual weird thing is also coming to the iPhone in iVoodoo from developer oeFun. The scary thing is that you can pin a photo library picture of someone’s head on the doll. You can also use some magic on it and use special needles with positive and negative power, wealth, success, spirituality and love. iVoodoo sure gives a new meaning to the expression ‘killing some time’. This application is now available in the App Store for $2.99.