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Get Ready for the New iPhone 5S/5C, Trade In Your Old iPhone

  • Author: Mr Sandeman
  • Filed under: iPhone
  • Date: Sep 20,2013


What’s not to like about the new iPhone 5S? A fingerprint reader that even reads your cat’s paws, a new A7 chip that makes the gorgeous iOS 7 run faster than the old versions on your old iPhone and an even slicker design. And how about that iPhone 5C with its vibrant colors and neat cases that come with it?

Of course you want to upgrade to one of these, and nowadays you luckily don’t have to worry too much about losing much money on your “old” iPhone. The value of used iPhones is always subject to the prevailing market supply/demand conditions – so to get right ahead of the pack, you needed to sell yesterday, or even before. This means you now need to shop around for the best value deals. There are a number of iPhone trade-in programs, each wit hits pros and cons. Let’s take a look at a few of the best ones.

1. lets you sell any of your Apple devices and other electronics for cash in hands. The site first asks for on-screen confirmation of your iPhone model details. Next you grade your phone as good, flawless or broken, before receiving an instant offer to purchase. Gazelle offer a new price lock-in for iPhones if the sale is agreed before October 31st. This would allow you time to take delivery of your new phone before then sending off the old one to Gazelle for a check/PayPal settlement. Read the rest of this entry »