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Top 3 iPhone Strategy Games

  • Author: JesseLangley
  • Filed under: Games, Strategy
  • Date: Oct 24,2011

Strategy is a beautiful thing. It can win you wars, Sun Tzu-style, or it can help you pass time with your iPhone without going brain dead. While some of the simpler games are brilliant for passing a few minutes, there’s nothing like being actively engaged in something to whittle away the hours. If you’re far from home and missing your board games and your console games, check out our list of top strategy games.

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How the iPhone Has Changed the World

  • Author: JesseLangley
  • Filed under: iPhone
  • Date: Oct 20,2011

When Steve Jobs said that the iPhone would change the world in 2007, we all just nodded our heads, enthralled with the idea of mobile computing. Time with our phones has quickly outpaced time spent with our gaming consoles, e-readers and dictionaries. We can do just about anything we want from the iPhone. Read the rest of this entry »

What the iPhone 4S Means to Gamers

  • Author: JesseLangley
  • Filed under: Features, iPhone
  • Date: Oct 12,2011

The iPhone 4S is shiny and new. The camera can start up and be ready for the first photo in 1.1 second, and be ready for another in .5. The device itself is slightly weightier, probably a result of an added antennae (completely eliminating the antennae issues of iPhone 4) and the GSM and CDMA radios, making them globe-trotter friendly. Read the rest of this entry »

Four Essential Steps to Developing an iPhone Game

iPhone games seem mysterious and complicated to build. They require coding, developing and even registering as an official developer with Apple. But like always, appearances are deceiving. Here are four easy steps to creating a game for your iPhone or your iPad. Happy developing! Read the rest of this entry »

8 Bits of Awesomeness

  • Author: JesseLangley
  • Filed under: Games, iPhone
  • Date: Oct 3,2011

Minecraft, perhaps the first game to have its own con before its official release, still isn’t coming to the iPhone just yet. Thanks to a nice deal made with Sony Xperia, indie darling Mojang has said that it will come to iOS, but Sony and Android will have a period of exclusivity. Details on exactly how long that will be haven’t surfaced yet, but publishers are saying it will be later this year. Read the rest of this entry »