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Iron Fist Boxing out now

Christmas is supposed to be a time of peace, but the guys over at Realtech VR have a whole other definition of Christmas. For them it means the launch of their iPhone and iPod Touch game Iron Fist Boxing. The game is now available in the App Store for $2.99. This 3D realtime arcade game brings unique fighting styles including muey thai and kick boxing along with sixteen different characters to your iPhone or iPod Touch. The game contains three camera views, high quality music by Karybe and Scylla and crowd sound effects.

i Love Katamari controls improved

i Love Katamari, Namco Bandai, iPod touch, iPhoneNamco Bandai’s iPhone and iPod Touch game i Love Katamari has received a new patch today. Fans of the Katamari Damacy series were complaining about the unresponsive controls and many other little errors in the game. Version 1.0.1 of the game should offer improved control response and a new on-screen tilt indicator similar to the one in SEGA’s Super Monkey Ball. i Love Katamari is available in the App Store for $7.99.

Bobby Carrot Forever coming in January

iPhone gamedevelopers seem to find a lot of inspiration in carrots. We just posted a new trailer of Hill Billy, a game with loads of carrots, and now we have yet another game featuring carrots. Bobby Carrot Forever is an iPhone and iPod Touch puzzle game similar to Chips Challenge and Loopy Laboratory. The player needs to hit switches, use keys and flee from breakaway floors to get through each level. According to the developers, this game will offer over 15 hours of gameplay. It should come out somewhere in January for $7.99.

New Hill Billy video

Hill Billy is a new first person shooter for iPhone and iPod Touch with plenty of mutant bunnies and awesome weapons. Your goal: rescue all the carrots in the game by killing all of the weird bunny creatures that protect their precious orange vegitables. It sounds pretty innocent, but when you watch the new trailer you’ll find out that it’s a pretty bloody adventure.

Crystal Defenders Final Fantasy styled tower defense game

Square Enix, the king of the RPG-genre, has released the Final Fantasy styled tower defense game Crystal Defenders in the App Store. This defensive strategy game places you in jobs such as Soldiers and Black Mages to fend off approaching enemies to prevent them from stealing your crystals. The game looks stunning, but downside of the title is the game’s control stick that takes up half of the screen. The game costs $7.99 and has a free Lite version as well.

Up There pops up in App Store

Up There is a remake of the TI-83 game Fall Down. This iPhone and iPod Touch game is developed by Veiled Games and is now available in the App Store for $1.99. You’re a little ball that needs to dodge walls that become bigger and bigger. In Up There you control a balloon that wants to rise by tilting your device. Objects such as stars, clouds, lumber, branches and other obstacles will get in your way and might kill the balloon. It’s up to you to make sure that the balloon survives this risky trip upwards. Have a look at the gameplay trailer released by the developer and you’ll want it for its graphical style alone.

TouchGrove giving away 24k Gold Bezel iPod Touch

TouchGrove, LED Football 2, iPod Touch, iPhoneTouchGrove sent us an e-mail to let us know that they’re having a crazy contest for the upcoming release of LED Football 2. The game is coming out December 22th, and they are giving away a free 24k Computer Choppers Gold Bezel iPod Touch 1.0 pre-loaded with a unique limited edition copy of the LED Football 2 game. Check out the LED Football 2 site to enter the contest. Click through to find out more about LED Football 2. Read the rest of this entry »

More Metal Gear Solid Touch info

Metal Gear Solid Touch, Konami, iPhone, iPod TouchThis week Konami announced the development of four iPhone games in the latest edition of Famitsu. Today, 1UP and IGN received some more information on probably the best game of the four Konami games for iPhone, namely Metal Gear Solid Touch. Fans of the series will probably be disappointed to hear that the game is actually a more simple less stealthy version of Metal Gear Solid. The developers wanted to create a quick touch-screen controlled shooting game that can be played on the train. Simply by tapping on the screen you’ll be able to shoot down an enemy. By developing this popular title, Kojima Productions wants to explore iPhone gamedevelopment to see what’s possible for the future.

Baseball Superstars 2009 now available

Gamevil, Baseball Superstars 2009, iPhone, iPod TouchMobile developer Gamevil has released its iPhone and iPod Touch game Baseball Superstars 2009 in the App Store for $4.99. The arcade-style look and feel of the game have been updated, and the game’s controls offer a lot of new stuff. The multi-touch controls are said to be very easy and accessible for all players. The game includes four stadiums, ten teams and five game modes including a character customization mode.

Rolando now available in App Store

Rolando, a game developed by Ngmoco, is a game that we’ve been looking forward to for the last couple of months, and now it’s finally available for iPhone and iPod Touch. For just $9.99 you get probably one of the best mobile games ever on your iPhone or iPod Touch. For more info on this great game, use our site’s search function or check out the Rolando site.

  • Interactive Environments: Manipulate more than a dozen gizmos, including lifts, catapults and bomb dispensers
  • Fun with Physics: Rolandos can bounce on trampolines, push blocks and nudge bombs and sleeping Rolandos
  • Rich, Intuitive Controls: Use Tilt and Multi-touch to guide the Rolandos and manipulate their world
  • Signature Art Style: Visuals by pop-culture illustrator Mikko Walamies and music by renowned break-beat artist Mr. Scruff
  • iSave and iTunes compatible: Progress is saved and restored automatically when play is stopped or interrupted
  • Global Leader Boards: Compare scores and Achievements with other players online
    Epic Adventure: Four unique worlds and 36 engaging levels