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New overwhelming Ferrari GT Evolution trailer

Gameloft has released another cinematic trailer of its upcoming iPhone and iPod Touch game Ferrari GT Evolution. Just like in the other video, the game looks graphically stunning in the trailer. But don’t expect the game itself to be graphically this good. Ferrari GT Evolution is coming out in December.

Yoot Saito working on Gabo! for iPhone

Yoot Saito, the developer of Seaman and Odama for consoles, has announced that they’re working on Gabo!, a game in which you get to play god. You get to play with Gabo, a Peking Man who influeces his environment to grow. The game will be controlled via the touch-screen and it’s due to come out on the Japanese market next month.

2079 free for the next 48 hours

2079, Eric Tong, iPhone, iPod Touch2079, a cool shooter that’s been out for a couple of days, is now available for free for the next 48 hours. The game is priced at $0.99 and it’s well worth its price, but it’s off course even more fun if it’s for free. Tilt to move, shake to blast, shoot to kill. It sounds simple and it is pretty simple, but it’s a lot of fun and very addicting. Eric Tong, the developer of the game, is planning to add more enemies, modes and online leaderboards in the future.

Black Friday sales in App Store

Black Friday, iPod Touch, iPhone, SalesBlack Friday is coming up, and iPhone developers are also using this time of year to give you the opportunity to get some cool games at a low price. Our friends over at Touch Arcade made an interesting list with all the games that have been dropped in price early.

Touchgrind now available in App Store

IllusionLabs sent us a mail to let us know that their new iPhone and iPod Touch game Touchgrind is now available in the App Store for $4.99. The developers call this the very first real multi-touch skateboarding game ever. Touchgrind is a actually a mix of skateboarding and fingerboarding. The innovative finger controls together with true physics simulation let you pull off tricks like ollies, shuvits, kickflips, heelflips, impossibles, 5-0, 50-50, crooks, smithgrinds, boardslides, tailslides, darkslides etc in endless combinations.


– True physics
– Innovative multi-touch controls
– 12 unlockable boards with different abilities
– Warm Up, Jam Session and Competition game modes
– Tutorial videos
– Stunning 3D graphics
– Realistic sound

More Brothers in Arms: Hour of Heroes footage and info

A few days ago
we reported that Gameloft is working on Brothers in Arms: Hour of Heroes for iPhone and iPod Touch. Today Gameloft released more information on the game and a video showing some neat footage of the game popped up on YouTube. You play as Jason Becker, a soldier of the 101st Airborne division. You’ll have to battle your way through Normandy, Ardennes and Tunisia in the fourteen missions of the game. The game combines objectives on foot with driving 4×4 vehicles and Sherman Tanks. Brothers in Arms: Hour of Heroes is due to come out in December this year.

Pangea Software reaches one million App Store downloads

Pangea Software, iPhone, iPod Touch, Billy Frontier, Nanosaur 2: Hatchling, Cro-Mag Rally, EnigmoPangea Software has announced that they have reached a total of one million downloads worldwide since the App Store launch in July. Pangea Software is the developer of games such as Billy Frontier, Nanosaur 2: Hatchling, Cro-Mag Rally and Enigmo. To celebrate this accomplishment, Pangea Software is offering all of its titles for just $0.99 per piece this week. Brian Greenstone, CEO and president of Pangea Software is very happy with the milestone for his company:

“With so much competition, I’m honored that consumers have chosen to make our titles the top sellers for the iPhone and iPod touch. Our games are well on track to outperform our expectations for the year.”

Hit Tennis smashes into the App Store

Today Hit Tennis got launched into the App Store priced at $1.99. Smartpuma’s iPhone and iPod Touch game will have to compete similar games like TouchSports Tennis 09, priced at $4.99, and Tennis Slam, also priced at $4.99. Here’s a list of features of Hit Tennis:

  • You directly control the timing, strength, and aim of each shot in a fun and natural way so you’ll feel right in the middle of the action
  • Try your skills against the computer or challenge your friends with the unique 2 player split screen mode
  • An addictive tennis game where you hit the ball by swiping your finger across the touch screen
  • Three game speeds and an additional practice mode

SGN Releases iBasketball and iFun

SGN, developers of iGolf, iBowl, and iBaseball, recently released their latest games: iBasketball and iFun. iBasketball takes the same approach as their other sports apps. You are given 5 shots from 5 different locations around the net, and you use the accelerometer to try and sink as many as possible. iFun takes a whole new approach however. Building off the iGolf game, iFun allows you to hook your iPhone to your computer wirelessly. All you have to do is sign up for an account at SGN’s website, pick the course and hole you want to play and then login from your iPhone. Your phone is used to control your swing and the computer screen shows the hole, your progress, and other information like wind speed.

Although both apps are free, only 1 of the 3 golf courses on iFun is free. The others need to be unlocked using tokens that can be obtained through a PayPal payment.

Xiangqi brings Chinese chess to iPhone

NorthernBytes Software, Xiangqi, iPhone, iPod TouchNorthernBytes Software has released its Chinese chess game Xiangqi in the App Store. Xiangqi for iPhone and iPod Touch is a traditional Chinese chess game that you can play against a friend or against a computer with different difficulty levels. Visually, the game boasts a unique style inspired by traditional eastern artwork. Xiangqi is now available for purchase at $1.99 from the iTunes App Store.