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Rock’n’Roll, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPhone 3G, TAG GamesThe App Store is only a few months old and yet there are already a plethora of maze based puzzle games available for gamers to choose from. Amongst them are the popular (and rather good) Dizzy Bee and Labyrinth, the slightly less impressive Spinner and the ridiculously impossible Balloonacy. Even at this early stage in iPhone gaming any new title joining this crowded genre is going to have to be rather special to make an impact. Tag Games certainly hope that Rock’n’Roll fits the bill but will this maze game leave players spinning in delight or wishing they’d stayed away? Read the rest of this entry »

South Park Imaginationland lost 7 bucks

South Park Imaginationland, a physics puzzler developed by RealNetworks, is now on sale for just $2.99. The game launched in July for $9.99 and got some nice response. You play the role of Butters who’s launched into the air and each time he bounces against a wall or the ground he gains imagination powder. With this powder, you can propel yourself into the air with a simple swipe of your finger. The goal of each level is to pick up a number of Rainbows and land on the goal.

Playing with shapes in Spin

Not only is Zen Bound, a surreal puzzle game, in the makings with the guys from Secret Exit, Spin is also a new title by this enthousiastic group of iPhone developers. In Spin you need to recognise different shapes. With over a hundred different 3D objects, multi-touch controls and tons of unlockable trophies this will be another one of those very entertaining titles for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Spin is actually a port of the mobile game SiL, a title that won the GDC 2007 and the 2006 Forum Nokia Pro awards.

New update approaching X-Plane

X-Plane is one of the finest games out for the iPhone and iPod Touch, but Laminar Research keeps updating it to make it even more fun than it already is. Version 9.02 of this flight simulator puts more airports in the game, with a little RMI at the bottom of the HUD points. It’ll also feature a map in the location screen. The propellers of your planes will look better and the lateral accelerometer calibration is now vertical as well. Along with some other smaller updates this new version of X-Plane will be launched soon.

Source IT Software releasing Zombie Mansion this November

Zombie Mansion, Source IT Software, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPhone 3GSource IT Software has released details and screenshots of its upcoming game Zombie Mansion for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Zombie Mansion is a first person shooter title that uses the accelerometer for controlling your character in the game. Zombie Mansion will come out in November in the App Store. There are a few nice screenshots of Zombie Mansion waiting behind the break. Read the rest of this entry »

V-Moda Vibe Duo

V-Moda Vibe Duo, iPhone, iPod Touch, ReviewThe earbuds that come with the iPhone and iPod Touch aare nice, but there’s a nice range of even better earphones. For gamers who want to get more out of their iPhone or iPod Touch and who want to reach the ultimate gaming experience, V-Moda has produced the V-Moda Vibe Duo earbuds. They look extremely slick, sound great, feel great, but they’re quite expensive. Read the rest of this entry »

Nintendo DSi getting into competition with iPhone

  • Author: Mr Sandeman
  • Filed under: iPhone, iPod
  • Date: Oct 2,2008

Nintendo DSi, PSP-3000, iPod Touch, iPhone, iPhone 3G

The current version of the Nintendo DS, the Nintendo DS Lite, is the market leader. With its new Nintendo DSi, Nintendo wants to strengthen its position in the handheld market. The DSi will compete with the new PSP-3000, an enhanced version of the PSP Slim&Lite, and Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch. The Nintendo DSi has a few interesting new features including a slicker design, two cameras, bigger screens and an online DSi Store. Joystiq has compared the size of the PSP-3000, iPod Touch (1st generation) and Nintendo DSi.

Apple lifts NDA on iPhone software

iPhone, iPod Touch, iPhone 3GThe non-disclosure agreement (NDA) for iPhone developers is no more! Apple used this NDA to protect its products and innovations, but now they removed it because ‘the NDA has created too much of a burden on developers’. Authors of iPhone developer books will now finally be able to publish their litterature, and the removal of the NDA on the iPhone software will allow us as an iPhone gamesite to ask more open questions to developers regarding their new games.