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ScribBall heading to App Store soon

  • Author: Mr Sandeman
  • Filed under: iPhone
  • Date: Sep 3,2008

Howling Moon Software, iPhone, iPhone 3G, ScribBallThe past few weeks Howling Moon Software has been busy porting ScribBall from the Mac to the iPhone. This pick-up-and-play title packed with addictive gameplay for both casual and hardcore gamers has hand-drawn graphics and uses realistic physics. In the puzzles there are a number of special balls that may explode, mix things up or jump. By tilting the iPhone you control the tumble of on-screen balls, all the touch controls are fairly simple as you can see in the video’s. Read the rest of this entry »

More Spore might be heading to iPhone

Will Wright, Spore Origins, EA Mobile, iPhonePocket Gamer had some time to talk to Will Wright in London this week, and he said that Spore Origins may be the first Spore game to come out on the iPhone, later games could be coming to the iPhone later. “It’s got beautiful graphics, good music and it uses the tilting controls,” says Wright about Spore Origins. “But we may take other aspects of Spore and bring them to the iPhone later.” Spore Origins is coming out this Sunday in the App Store.

New update for Super Monkey Ball

App Store, Apple, Steve Jobs, SEGA, Super Monkey Ball, iPhone, iPhone 3GToday SEGA released another update for its popular iPhone game Super Monkey Ball, available in the App Store for $9.99. Version 1.01 features an interactive tutorial, instructions and the function to suspend the game by pressing the ‘Home’ button. TUAW claims that SEGA has also improved the game’s controls.

As promised, the “dead zone” where the ball stops moving altogether is larger, and movement overall has become less erratic.

No Belkin JoyPod coming to iPhone

Belkin JoyPod, iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPod TouchEarlier this week we told you about the Belkin JoyPod, but now it appears that this neat looking iPhone add-on will never see daylight. Belkin told Touch Arcade that they don’t have plans to release such a product. Now we hope that the iControlPad will be a nice replacement for Belkin’s JoyPod. We doubt that developers will support this accessory since it’s not that known. A company like Belkin would be able to give an accessory like this a huge launch and make it popular.

Sunflat Games developing a bunch of iPhone games

PapiPole for iPhone

Sunflat GAMES has released a list of upcoming iPhone and iPod Touch games currently in development in their studios. The main character in all of these games is Mr. Papi known from the free app PapiJump available since August. Papi will appear in four upcoming games:

  • Flying PapiJump: Mr. Papi was starving so he’s looking for hamburgers in a cave full with action and jumping.
  • PapiJump Land: Again, Mr. Papi was hungry and went to Hamburger Land to get his hamburgers.
  • PapiPole: Mr. Papi finds himself on a stick and you control the stick by using the touch-screen. It’s time to feed Mr. Papi so give him the hamburger!
  • PapiJump Plus: PapiJump finds himself in a variety of levels such as ‘Fall’ in which platforms fall when he jumps on them and Right, in which Mr. Papi is going towards the right!
  • But if you feel like you’ve had enough of Mr. Papi and his hamburgers, then there’s two other games from Sunflat with now Papi or burgers. 3D TiltCave is an action game in which you tilt your iPhone not to collide with the wall of the cave. In Break Down you break all blocks with balls by sliding your finger on the iPhone to contorl the racket and knock the balls back.

Putting ghosts asleep in Touch Ghosts

Touch Ghosts, a game developed by an Italian developer, is a new puzzle game for the iPhone and iPod Touch that looks similar to FlipIt when it comes to the gameplay You get a bunch of ghosts that you need to put asleep. It looks like a very simple game that will cost about $1.29. Touch Ghosts will feature five difficulty modes and three gameplay modes. The developer is currently waiting for Apple to give him the green light to publish his game.

Blue Skies lands in the App Store

Blue Skies Air Force Academy, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPhone 3G, Rocking Pocket GamesNot so long ago we talked about Blue Skies Air Force Academy, a pretty cool 2D top-down helicopter shooter developed by Rocking Pocket Games for the iPhone and iPod Touch. You join the elite Blue Skies Helicopter team and defend your country against an evil leader called Hans Kraven and his mercenaries Rachel, Takeshi and Bruno. This top down 2D scroller uses the acceloremeter to steer you through the 30 levels full of helicopters, tanks, planes, blimps and mines. Blue Skies is now available in the App Store and costs $9.99.

Belkin JoyPod gaming looks promising

Touch Arcade got their hands on some artworks of the Belkin JoyPod for the iPhone. It’s still a prototype, but rumors are floating around saying that Apple will be providing support for this add-on in the system’s SDK. Most gamers were concerned that iPhone gaming could never break through because of the lack of buttons on the device, but with this JoyPod those problems would be gone.

Belkin JoyPod, iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPod Touch Belkin JoyPod, iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPod Touch

A Spanish advertisement for this JoyPod add-on shows that it has eight buttons, audio output and a dock connector for power and syncing so that you don’t have to get your iPhone out of the accessory to sync or charge it. It’s not clear whether this JoyPod will also support the iPod Touch or not.