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Raging Thunder speeds towards iPhone

The studio behind Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart has released Raging Thunder, another racegame for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It’s a ‘coin-op’ racing game with awesome 3D graphics, WiFi multiplayer, boost, draft and tackling physics and customizable controls. Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart was an awesome game, so we’re all looking forward to check this new entry in the racegenre out for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Raging Thunder is now available for $7.99 in the App Store.

New update for X-Plane 9 coming

X-Plane 9, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPhone 3G, Laminar Research, Not too long ago Laminar Research launched an update for its iPhone- and iPod Touch-game X-Plane 9 and now they already have a new update with some fixes and improvements. The framerate of the game will be improved by 25%, you’ll be able to calibrate the position of your device, the contrast interface will be higher, the computer will set your power and flaps for your final approach and there are some changes to the interface settings. Definitely check out the X-Plane 9 story to see how they started developing this game for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Cosmic One

Cosmic One, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPhone 3G, oeFunThe folks over at oeFun, who we interviewed a couple of days ago, were so kind to send us an early version of their new game Cosmic One for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Cosmic One also developed iVoodoo and Tilt Me for the iPhone, and now they have another smashing new game for Apple’s devices. In Cosmic One triangles, squares and round shapes fly your way and you need to control the catcher and make sure the shape of the flying object matches the shape in your catcher. Read the rest of this entry »

BiiBall 3D loses $2 and gets a free Lite version

  • Author: Mr Sandeman
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  • Date: Sep 20,2008

BiiBall 3D, Bootant, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPhone 3GBiiBall 3D from Bootant has been dropped in price from $2.99 to just $0.99, and since today there’s a free Lite demo version of the game. BiiBall 3D is pretty similar to Cube Runner and recently got an update with some bug fixes, and improved gameplay and graphics. The game is actually Cube Runner but with a rolling ball. You need to destroy some objects, but if you accidentally hit an obstacle you need to restart the whole level.

Scrabble just $7.99 for a limited time

EA, Scrabble, Electronic Arts, Apple, iPhone, iPhone 3GEA has dropped the price of Scrabble for the iPhone and iPod Touch from $9.99 to just $7.99 for a limited time. EA seems to be trying out some things with different pricepoints, it recently dropped the price of Tetris with $2 as well. In Scrabble gamers need to form words with lettered tiles they pulled out of a bag. The number of points you get for a word depends on the placement of your word on the board.

Touch’Em makes animals match on iPhone

Play’Em has just announced that it has released Touch’Em for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It’s the studio’s first game for Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch and it uses the multi-touch technology from both devices. Touch ʻEm is a unique take on icon-matching games, leveraging the iPhone
platformʼs multi-touch technology to create a fast-paced and addictive experience that makes time fly! The game can be played one or two handed with fingers and thumbs, you just need to tap or swipe at least three of the same animals to make a match. A feature list is waiting for you behind the click. Read the rest of this entry »

Lite version Blue Skies in App Store

Blue Skies Air Force Academy, Rocking Pocket Games, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPhone 3GEarlier this month Rocking Pocket Games’ released Blue Skies for the iPhone and iPod Touch, and not too long after that they dropped the game in price to just $5.99. Today they placed a free demo version of blue Skies: Air Force Academy in the App Store. The Lite version of this top-down 2D helicopter shooter contains 7 of the levels from the full game. The coming 2.0 version of the game will contain a few interesting new features, a list can be found after the break. Read the rest of this entry »

Fan Caps now available in App Store

Fan Caps, Interactive Fan, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPhone 3GA while ago we talked about Fan Caps from Interactive Fan for iPhone and iPod Touch. In this game you pick a cap, and then it’s your goal to move the cap and hit the ball in the right direction to fool your opponent and to score a goal. The game is in 3D, features touch controls and an accelerometers-based camera. The game is now available for $5.99 in the App Store.

Vector Blaster brings the arcade to iPhone

iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPod Touch, Vector BlasterTempest, a classic 80’s arcade game, is now getting a new life and a new name on the iPhone and iPod Touch. Vector Blaster is a $2.99 game from Rude Scotsman and is a clone of Tempest. You blast rhough obstacles and overcome insurmountable odds as you, Vector Blaster, fight to save your home planet Zydar from the most evil criminal mastermind of the 32nd century–Ghotran! The developer himself says the game has great graphics, controls and music.

Update with new features for X-Plane

Laminar Research has published on its forum that X-Plane for the iPhone and iPod Touch will be receiving an update in the coming days. “DUDE.. you have only seen the START.”, that’s what the developer of X-Plane says on the forum and then he sums up a nice list of new features for this $9.99 App Store game:

We are going to have airliners, helicopters, gliders… this is only the BEGINNING.

Also (and there is no way I should mention this) X-Plane AUTOMOTIVE is SCREAMING fun.. I will be ready to release it, hopefully, within 7 days.

When you see me issue a post about how I am morally opposed (or something) to an automotive version of x-plane with ferraris and corvettes and KRAZY tracks, you will know that we are within about 48 hours of release.